Vehicular Flyover at Braddell/Lornie/Thomson Road

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  • Vehicular Flyover at Braddell/Lornie/Thomson Roadcomp

General Description

  • The Works under the Contract ER141 comprises the expansion and widening of the existing MacRitchie Viaduct and construction of a pair of dual two-lane vehicular viaducts from Braddell Road to the widened MacRitchie Viaduct including the widening and recambering of existing roads.

Technical Information

  • A construction involving box girder width of 10.8m at its flange with 5.0m depth cast in situ and 2.1m depth balance cantilever precast segment over a two-tier carriageway. The challenge increased with the pier in close proximity to the existing flyover with tight traffic headroom.