Eco-Bridge Across BKE

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  • ER256 Project to view.
  • Eco-Bridge Across BKE
  • Overall View of Site ( In Progress)
  • Overall View of Site (Completed)
  • Overall View of Site (Completed)

General Description

  • Design and construction of the Eco-Bridge complete with earth-retaining structures, drainage systems and soil and anchorage layer system. The Link stretches across the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and connects two nature reserves.

Technical Information

  • The Eco-Bridge structure involves the construction of the foundation, soil and anchorage layer system and drainage systems across the BKE. The project includes the need for abutments, approach structures, approach slabs, retaining structures, aesthetic finishing with protective coating to all exposed concrete surfaces, drainage systems, coordination of utilities diversion and other related works. It also requires precasting with fabrication and delivery and installation of precast elements across the BKE.